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Our program is designed to emphasizes creativity, self-directed learning, and a holistic approach that meets the needs of each child's social, emotional, and environmental development. 


We combine the Waldorf approach with a Bilingual curriculum to create a truly unique learning experience



Who we are?

Waldorf - inspired Spanish & English Daycare and Preschool


Learning Through Play

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J&A Mission

Unique and Valuable

At our preschool, we believe that all children are unique individuals who deserve a nurturing and stimulating environment where they can grow and thrive.


Our mission is to inspire a love of learning and support the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development of each child. As a Waldorf-inspired and play-based learning school created by two moms, we understand the importance of providing a fun, safe, and engaging space where children can explore new ideas, develop their creativity, and build their confidence. We are proud to provide a Spanish immersion program, celebrating the cultural diversity and heritage of the Bay Area community we serve.


We strive to be a positive force in our community, nurturing lifelong learners who value diversity, creativity, and compassion.



If you are interested  in joining our program, simply follow the "Join the WaitList". We currently have open enrollment admissions and inquiry.

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